Welcome to the 8th Annual GEMS Conference! We were so pleased to present this year’s conference virtually with the same interactive, hands-on experiences students have come to expect.

Below you will find a list of videos available for you to explore, including virtual tours of both Gateway Technical College and UW-Parkside as well as an overview of the Academies of Racine and how your students can earn college credits while still in high school.


Academies of Racine: Explore the opportunities available to your students at Racine Unified high schools, and set them up for long-term success.


Earn College Credits While in High School: Katie Graf from Gateway Technical College talks about the seven ways your student(s) can earn free college credit while they’re still in high school through Dual Credit at Gateway.


Why Choose Gateway Technical College? Students working toward a career in STEM can start at Gateway by earning an associate’s degree and/or using their associate’s degree as a springboard to a bachelor’s degree. Gateway has agreements with almost 50 colleges and universities that accept full credit transfers for students who want to obtain their bachelor’s degree.


Fostering Girls’ Success in STEM and Life: UW-Parkside’s Chancellor Deborah Ford to learn more about helping girls transition to college life. This session will offer some tips to parents who are helping prepare their daughters for college and careers. Chancellor Ford will also discuss some wonderful opportunities that are offered by a small campus like UW-Parkside!

Preparing Girls for College Fostering Girls’ Success in STEM and Life: A UW-Parkside admissions counselor to learn more about preparing for college. This presentation will provide information regarding STEM college exploration and readiness, including measures to support your student(s) in this process.

. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEll-iNYVXI


Virtual tours:

 Gateway College Campus Virtual Tour


GEMS Keynote Address

Tonya Sims is a Racine Unified School District graduate, former basketball, and STEM superstar. In her keynote address to the girls attending #GEMSCON2021, she talked about the importance of persistence.